Kentaur zadels

Company Kentaur was established in 1991.

In the beginning of our existence we were concentrated only on the local Czech market, but in the last few years we have expanded our activities into many different countries.
The typical feature is from the beginning of our existence continual developement, testing and innovation af all our products, everlasting searching and selection of top quality materials, pressure for higher quality and performance and release control of each and every product.

The great advantage are our own sport stables situated directly in the area of our factory. All the developing products are tested here and therefore we have an immediate feedback on their quality.



Quality is most frequented word in our company. We use a multilevel system to control a quality of our products. Monitoring and observing of quality begins with selecting and purchasing of suitable materials. Finishing of each manufacturing and technological operation is systematically checked. The last step is output control which is undergone by each of our products.

Saddle trees

The basis of each saddle is a saddle tree. Kentaur saddles are built in classical english style - on flexible trees. The basic material is fibre-glass reinforced by spring steel. The middle part of saddle tree consists of straps which ensure elasticity of the whole saddle tree. The front chamber of the tree is reinforced by iron brace. There is a foam substance sticked to the straps in the middle of the tree which creates a saddle seat. This foam is formed by hand to the desired shape.
Handicrafts is prevalent operation in the manufacturing process of the saddle tree, therefore after each technological step a symmetry of the saddle tree is measured on a special gear. This measurement ensures that the basis of each saddle is perfectly symmetrical saddle tree.
Iron braces of front chambers are available in sizes (widths) - 1 (small), 2 (medium), 3 (wide), 4 (extra wide). It is possible to change the iron brace if necessary. This exchange can be done by each saddler who have some experience with saddle reparations.


Leather is a natural product and therefore its consequent quality control during processing is very important. Each particular components of products (saddles) have to be cut properly in order to avoid natural faults of the leather (insect evidences, scares and other wrinkles). Even after this control a minor differences in shade or leather design can appear. This is not a fault but a guarantee of a real natural product.

Kentaur offers two kinds of leather for saddles:
1. Classical saddlers tanned leather in thickness 3,8 - 4,0 mm
2. Calf leather, by which saddle seat and side flaps are covered. This leather is very soft and have a waxed, anti-slip adjustement. This kind of leather offers a rider a great degree of comfort but it has not such durability as a classical saddlers leather.
3. Printed french leather - very soft vegetable tanned leather with grain design on top

Colours of leather: 
1. Classical saddlers leather and leather used for production of other products is available in the following colours: black, dark brown, tobacco 
2. Saddles made of calf leather are offered in the following colours: black, dark brown, tobacco
3. Grain leather: black, dark brown, tobacco


Looking after the leather products is very important. We recommend to clean saddles and other leather products with saddle soap and afterwards treat with fat or leather balm at least every 5th day. If leather products are not constantly treated, they become disvalued (cracking, losses of colour, abbreviation of lifetime) by moisture balance and agressive horse sweat.